Hailing from North London, TeyJon is a singer-songwriter who takes pride in his multi-genrecapabilities. TeyJonhas been able to transcribe his love for poetry into song writing; setting the rightmood for many occasions and serving listeners with his catchy lyrics and fresh R&B/pop sound.As the first in his family to be born in the UK; TeyJon was raised betweenBritish and Caribbeancultures. His family brought with them a distinct love for soca, calypso, country and gospel musicwithin their home, which has heavily influenced TeyJon’s musical persona.Alongside TeyJon’s inherent love for music, basketball alsoplayed a huge part of his life growing up.With high prospects of being selected for National trials, TeyJon faced heart failure during abasketball game which prevented him from furthering his sporting career.Since then, TeyJon has been able to find a ‘safe space’ in music, from school choir shows at the RoyalAlbert Hall to solo performances at local carnivals. TeyJon has developed his craft as an artist overthe years and is now determined to become a household name in the UK music scene. With hisnamealready gaining traction from notable sources from: BBC 1Xtra, Reprezent, No Signal, Pulse 88and Westside, TeyJon is ready to leave his mark in the UK R&B game.