Alex Adair

Alex Adair is a DJ, producer, and remixer based in London. Offering his own flavour of deep house drawing from soulful influences, his inspiration ranges from The Chemical Brothers to Tsha to Caribou.

A prolific sampler, Alex delves into emotive and intricate lyrical elements that resonate with him. Although not restricted to one genre or era, Motown holds a special place in his creative process – with the vocals bringing a lot of warmth and personality which combines well with Alex’s lo-fi & softer take on deep house.

What makes these emotive reference points personal for the West Sussex raised producer is how they relate to his own life in recent times. “A lot of this new music has been inspired by emotions of loss I’ve experienced in the last couple of years. I feel I’ve sort out those phrases in the tracks I’ve sampled; I’m able to find my own feelings in the lyrics of these songs and build a fresh soundscape around that.”

With over 200 million streams under his belt and entering a new exciting phase in 2023, Alex plans to release consistently throughout the year with more purpose than ever driving his creative process.